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Wednesday, 11 October 2017 15:03

It takes a few vital parts to make the puzzle

Inviting a person to stay in your home either young, old, native or foreign may never run as smooth as we might think looking from the outside, in fact it’s not until we venture down that road that we can fully appreciate or grasp what’s involved be it good, bad or indifferent there is no way of knowing until we are immersed in the process.

So, what makes it work? Sadly, there is no straight forward answers, but somethings are for sure; an open mind is critical, our reasons are vital and a level of understanding is paramount; because without these, the bare minimum components it might well be a frustrating experience for everybody and that’s not what anybody wants.

  • An open mind is critical; always a great asset to have in any situation where differences in personality, whims, emotions and culture can come to the surface in sometimes the most irrational way, and must be dealt with ‘An open mind’ not always easy, but almost always necessary.  
  • Our reasons are vital; Is it to help provide a fellow human with a fulfilling life experience, maybe it’s a little extra company for the kids while on their summer holidays or it might help them learn or improve their Spanish or maybe it’s a financial decision? We all probably have different and personal reason, we probably never really analysed it that much, but one thing is for our sure; our reason for hosting are vital and without a good one, it may well be a disaster before the student even arrives.
  • Understanding is paramount; We all like to be understood, and I don’t mean just linguistically. Patience and understanding of another person’s mannerisms, habits and ways can be at times be tiresome and hard to comprehend, but maybe with effort and thought we can understand theirs and then just maybe; they might understand ours.         

Human nature can offer so much if given the right opportunity, right environment and encouragement, so when we have a young person in our care it can be indeed an opportunity to make a positive difference to influence and enhance their and our lives; these I beleive are just a few small but vital parts that help us make the puzzle!

Thanks for reading, Peter

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Monday, 09 November 2015 19:34

Host Family Zone

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Dear Host-Family, thank you for considering hosting one of our students and by doing so offering them the opportunity to share your family life. Your guest is going to stay a few weeks or months in our country to improve his/her English. He/she has chosen to stay with a family not only for this reason but also to learn about our way of life. You have a key role to play in both aspects of his/her stay. We are grateful to you for helping your guest to improve his/her knowledge of English by talking and encouraging him/her, and most of all, by making your guest feel part of your family. You will find, in the following pages, answers to questions you are probably asking yourself and practical advice to help you in your task as a Leir host family partner. So please register, become a member and gain a valuable insight into our organisation, who we are, and how good the experience can be.

What is Leir?
Leir is a Kildare based educational organisation, established in 2013, which provides various language programmes for foreign students mainly in the Eastern and Midlands Region of Ireland. The objective of these courses is to develop a better command of the English language and also a better knowledge of our country, its culture and its people.

Who is your Guest?
We usually cater for students between the ages of 10 and 17, who have been studying English in school for at least one year. Of course no distinction is made on the grounds of colour, race or religion. These guidelines are intended mainly for students within this age bracket.

You’re Fee?

Payment of hosting fees will be by bank transfer and will be paid as per schedule included in your “Welcome Pack” and to the bank details as specified by you. We please ask that you never discuss or mention any administrative matters in to or in your student’s presence. On rare occasions, for various reasons, it may happen that a student has to be relocated. Leir Education reserves the right to do this and your fee will reflect the duration the student has spent with you.

The Host Family Application Process
Leir Education will come and visit you before your first hosting and annually thereafter. When requesting to receive a language student through Leir Education you will be required to go through our Host Family process which naturally as I’m sure you appreciate involves the completion of forms and the signing of agreements etc. and by doing so you are agreeing to comply in full with the necessary laws governing child care and welfare Acts.

For families who have hosted students previously, updating your host family data every year is compulsory. Please inform Leir Education if any information on the host family application forms becomes inaccurate, e.g. change of status, address, number of residents in the home etc. Also in line with current legislation, Leir Education requests that each family agree to Garda Vetting regardless of any previous applications. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

We hope this snippet of information has gone someway in providing you with sufficient details and will help you evaluate the benefits of becoming a Leir Education host family. If you have any questions, require a ‘Host Family Guide’ or wish to officially register and become a Leir Education Limited Host Family, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or register here on line and of course please feel free to call Peter at 086-2653548

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Host Family Zone

Dear Host-Family, thank you for considering hosting one of our students and by doing so offering them the opportunity to share your family life. Your…