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Summer programes

Summer programs

Whats involved? how does it work?
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An academic year

An academic year

Interested in hosting for a school term?
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Who are we?

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A few comments from families on their hosting experiences.......

  • Leir Figurine

    Collette & Bernard

    “We became a host family for the first time last summer. It was a very enjoyable experience for all our family. The student we had was very nice and fitted in so well with us all. It was great knowing that Leir were always at the end of the phone if we needed them. We found Leir to be a very professional agency who had the best interests of the students at heart. We found them very supportive and would definitely recommend Leir to others thinking of hosting.”
  • Leir Figurine

    Peter and Shauna

    “We were very nervous at the start, but Rosa and Peter made us feel so relaxed about the whole process and the fact that our student was matched with us is brilliant, we had three students in the same year and never any hassle. Highly recommended”

 Host Family in Ireland

Host Families play a vital part in the success of our guests stay. Our host partners are ordinary families with children who are willing to engage themselves in an invaluable experience. We are always looking for suitable Irish families to work with us and host our students.

If you can offer a safe, comfortable, friendly environment for one of our foreign students, then we have students ready to share their Irish experience with you. To Become a Leir Host Family couldn’t be simpler, and you’ve already taken the first step. So to become one of our hosting partners please register and after receiving your login details just, Login and complete the online application process, it only takes about 10 minutes. Within the Host Family Zone is a wealth of useful information, guides and tips.

As well as further information regarding our various programs such as:

• Summer student school programme: July / August : duration 2 or 3 weeks

• Summer student total immersion programme: July / August for 2, 3 or 4 weeks

• School term programme: School part term or full term

• Au Pairs on-line matching service (coming soon)

“Hosting with Leir was a great experience for both us and our children, the interaction was great for us all. The kids learnt from each other, they all got on so well and it also gave us a great excuse to do more together as a family, which is a super benefit. I can’t say enough positive things about the experience”

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